The Sea

My first longboard, a Paul Strauch model made by Robert August Surfboards! Taken in New Smyrna Beach. And, my fin’s shadow on the beach.

Some sailing in Mexico. Don’t be fooled, there was no wind. So we used a motor.

flowers- North Shore Oahu

Haleiwa, Hawaii

Massive, scary closeouts at Off the Wall, Oahu.

The above shots are a full moon in Costa Rica, taken about 30 minutes south of Jaco at the edge of some cliff. Can’t remember exactly where.

A few shots of my longboard at New Smyrna Beach.

Somewhere near Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

sparkles from the sun on the water- Lake Michigan

Sunset Beach, Oahu

New Smyrna Beach, FL



Perhaps the most fun day of surfing I’ve ever had-? This is Boca Barranca, the second longest left in the world. On a good day, you can ride a wave for a quarter mile! You’ve got a long walk back though. This day was maybe 1-2 feet overhead to head high and probably went for an eight of a mile. Photo featured on Surfline.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

nice fall set wave in the Outerbanks, North Carolina

sunset in Rincon, Puerto Rico- painting the sea all kinds of colors

sundown Rincon, Puerto Rico

A disposable waterproof camera pic from Ehukai Beach- North Shore Oahu

Sharks Cove- North Shore Oahu


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