Personal Projects

Just for fun:



unnamed-3 unnamed unnamed-1


bulletin for Bowen Mills Chapel:

photo 2

photo 1
photo 4

photo 5

35 page journal layout/ photo research for Perspectives:

Picture 6 Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 12 Picture 13 Picture 14 Picture 15 Picture 16 Picture 17 Picture 18

self promotion- 4″ x 6″ postcard for product photography:

Photographed wine bottles and created layout- Orlando Style Magazine:

Photo research, photo editing, and page layout for Orlando Style Magazine:

Amelia Island images copyright of: Stephen Eastop /

Wholesale Catalogue & Price Sheet for Surf Expo:

Business card & stationary:

self-promotion business card:

Photography & Layout: Promotional Postcard for Surf Expo:

Logo Design: created for a client who wanted “a rat, on two water skis, with a backwards hat and blonde hair, hawaiian board shorts, teeth, and a gold chain with an ‘R’ on it”. Funny thing is, I still have no idea what the logo was used for. It was fun making it though! 

Semi-truck graphics layout:

Wedding program & menu design:

Postcard Invitation:

Card Illustration:

surfboard fin ad



2 thoughts on “Personal Projects

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, this is Mike Patterson. Your brother Steve and Cindy’s friend. I do all our website stuff and have 8 domains. Six of which I use WordPress. I just don’t have time for keeping up with all of this and playing in the band, working full time, family, etc. etc. What do you charge? Would you be willing to work on any of it? Hope to hear back from you.



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