Our Daily Bread: Sharable Graphics

Recently I have had a opportunity to do a tad of design for RBC Ministries, where I have been working as a temp for the past 6 months. It is a refreshing change to be clicking around in Photoshop again after working in their factory, warehouse, print center and fulfillment center. Learning the various stages of production has been fascinating, however, and I’ve had a hands-on learning experience on how a published book or pamphlet goes from being a huge, blank, roll of paper to shipped product. I’ve seen how each book is printed on large sheets of paper, then folded into a machine, then stapled or “stitched” and cut into what it was originally designed to be. The final product is then distributed to each customer, from large palettes of strapped booklets to individual envelope mailings. I’ve been able to participate in all these stages of creation and even drove the palettes out to shipping dock on the hi-lo… although when the men see a female driver they scatter in all directions, haha. After working in the end stages of production, my heart really lies in the beginning stages- the dreaming, brain storming, photographing, creating layouts, designing- you know, content creation. Adobe. MacBook overload. Creative frustration, problem solving, inspiration, all that jazz. Oh how I miss working in the creative world.

Creativity was one of my first hobbies- one of my very first skills. Ever since I held that pencil “the wrong way” at age 4 and colored silly little doodles, I’ve never really stopped. When I’m not participating in creativity, I feel as if I’m wasting myself. I don’t feel quite as alive. Anyway, enough babble…

While this is just a small itty bitty assignment.. some Facebook graphics that will come and go like the wind… it makes me so happy to get any kind of design gig and therefore I’d like to post it. And if you’re up for it.. share some gospel stoke… copy and paste these graphics on your FB page. All for now, Amy




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