Mancora, Peru

Mancora town: NC0G9472NC0G9479NC0G9471NC0G9486NC0G9463

local neighborhood: NC0G9594NC0G9291IMG_2394IMG_2400NC0G9560IMG_2395NC0G9581NC0G9892NC0G9491NC0G9913NC0G9553NC0G9502IMG_2190NC0G9511


soccer game: NC0G9441NC0G9432NC0G9417

kids playing at the park:NC0G9973NC0G9972 NC0G9970NC0G9437NC0G2509NC0G9403NC0G2422NC0G2406NC0G9694


pier/ fishing industry: NC0G9803NC0G9717NC0G9784_2IMG_2253NC0G9840NC0G9540NC0G9818NC0G9837_2NC0G9732NC0G9725_2NC0G9723_2NC0G9820_2NC0G9860





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