SurfGirl Magazine Feature

I am beyond stoked and so thankful to be featured in the current issue of SurfGirl, Britain’s most widely-read surf and beach lifestyle publication for women. And to top it off, my artwork made the cover! So fun 🙂

ImageImageImageJust wanted to mention that originally I had also included the following in my interview question, “What are you main passions in life?”:

I’m passionate about the love that I’ve experienced through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. During the past 4 years, I’ve been faced with many difficult challenges, including the loss of my father. God’s truth and steadfastness is the only thing that has pulled me through these times. Whatever temporary struggles you face on earth are nothing compared to the life a believer has waiting for them in heaven. I’m also passionate about people. I enjoy getting to know people thoroughly and learning their stories. Loving people is what really matters in life, and we are given the perfect example of how to love through Jesus, whose love is unconditional and unchanging.

Ok, Thanks! To God be the glory for all good things! -Amy



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