Global Invitational

These are a few scans taken at the Global Invitational in Grand Rapids. This year, it was held at Millennium Park. The waterski tournament attracts professionals from around the world who compete for $45,000 in prize money. Have you ever REALLY wanted to photograph something but just had one complication after another? Over the summer, I had sprained my knee skiing and was hobbling about the park, finding a good spot to take pictures, when.. the shutter on my Canon EOS blew out, thought it was a dead battery, went home to change the battery, still broken, tried to buy a new battery, store out of stock, went and bought film, took a few pics with the old Nikon (sigh). One of those days you know you will eventually laugh at. Hope you enjoy these pics, it will at least give you a taste how amazing the skiers were. The boat pulls between 34 and 36 mph, they must have been going at least 60 mph over the wakes on their skis.. it was incredible!


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