Wedding Program

This is a program I designed for my sister’s wedding ceremony. The cover page is a smooth, thick stock and the 2 inside pages are textured linen paper, assembled with red and white string. 


One thought on “Wedding Program

  1. Anjani says:

    Well the music will depend on the kind of inuresmtnts that are available to you.If you have a full church organ then you can have a lot of fun with songs like the Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor by Bach or even the Dance of the Sugar Plum fairies by Tchaikovsky. If you want more religious sort of songs then simply go with your favourite hymn.Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus sound really great with harps and are traditional Catholic hymns. The Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke has been converted into a piano/organ piece too and sounds really good.I’m sure that the music director will be able to give you some good advice and will probably offer to play some things for you.Good luck with everthing.


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