A Little Inspiration

Took these photos of a sea urchin and hibiscus on my little light table, it was a fun experiment!


2 thoughts on “A Little Inspiration

  1. Rifqi says:

    Nice. Is the light table something you’ve made yourself? I’ve been thinking if I should get some plexi glass for something similar to use for some shots of my wife’s cooking.


  2. Amy says:

    I actually found it used for about 20 bucks from B&H photo in New York.. it has two 75 watt LED bulbs and as you said, a plexiglass top.. It’d be nice to make a larger one, they’re ridiculously expensive to buy- this is a how-to that seems rather decent: http://steampunkworkshop.com/lightbox.shtml Of course if you were photographing food, you could always put the plated dinner inside a light box and get a clean shot. Check out tabletopstudio.com


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